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Hygoformic® U
The world’s best known mouldable saliva ejector

The original mouldable saliva ejector for adults
Colour: white, light blue, lime green and pink 

- The original mouldable saliva ejector
- With adjustable tongue holder for patient’s comfort
- Manufactured in an environmental friendly mixture of PE/PP
- Wide selection of accessories available
- Transport-economic packaging thanks to improved material and maximum utilization of space


4 reasons to use Hygoformic® 

1. Adjustable
2. Environmental friendly
3. High capacity and tissue friendly
4. Tongue holder


Prod No.

Prod No: U2000, White Hygoformic, Carton of 2000 pcs
Prod No: U2100, White Hygoformic, Carton of 20 x 100 pcs
Prod No: U1000, White Hygoformic, Carton of 1000 pcs
Prod No: U1100LB, Light Blue Hygoformic, Cartoon of 10 x 100 pcs
Prod No: U1100LG, Light Green Hygoformic, Cartoon of 10 x 100 pcs
Prod No: U1100PK, Pink Hygoformic, Cartoon of 10 x 100 pcs


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